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Car Paint, Welding, Corrosion protection in Hungary

We offer you our experience and knowledge in design, production and corrosion protection of welded machinery, spares, agricultural machinery, boilers and other steelwork as follows.

Our activities include corrosion protection and surface treatment of cars, buses, trucks, and their parts, components and other metallic and non-metallic products, parts worldwide. Planning and processing the required corrosion protection and surface treatment technologies to the customer's needs.

Corrosion protection using pneumatic airbrushing, spray or immersion applications, powder coated techniques. Surface preparation by abrasive blasting (Shot blasting, sandblasting). Surface pre-treatment procedures (phosphating, degreasing).

High production capacity and flexible quality work. Nearly 4 decades experience in production.


Pneumatic spray painting, Immersion, KTL technology, Powder coating, Shot blasting

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